anghara (anghara) wrote,

Drug trouble at the cat house

Catnip, see. I have two crackheads living with me when it comes to catnip. If I TOUCH the little plastic pot that the catnip lives in, with both cats asleep three rooms away, there'll be two pairs of big round eyes staring at me by the time I turn around.

I occasionally give them a sniff of the dried stuff, and a few mouthfuls - used to be more often but they hissed and spat and fought after and I figured less was more in this sense. So, anyway. This evening.

I reach out and my fingertip touches the plastic pot.

Cat 1 (the REALLY addicted addict): CAAATNIIIIIIP!
(and he's right there, at my feet, his eyes the size of saucers.

Cat 2, 1's more sedate sister, follows around the corner and sits down expectantly.

Now, the way this works is that I have to distract 1 so that 2 has a snowflake's chance in hell of actually getting any catnip at all. So I toss the lid of the catnip pot down on the floor and let 1 chase it down and flirt with it - and by the time he's done 2 has had her fill of the good stuff.

Not today.

1 sniffed at the lid, rubbed his head against it, and then turned around just as I was reaching out to offer the pot to his sister, snaked out a paw, and smacked the pot right out of my hand.

Catnip went EVERYWHERE. The cats dived in with glee.

I was obliged to hold 1 down by the scruff of his neck while he was making frustrated mewling noises while I scooped up as much of it as I could with the free hand, and then I had to let him go while I went downstairs to fetch the dustbuster to scoop up the remainder. By the time I came back Cat 1 was on his back in the corner where the spill took place, with catnip all over his long fur, his face a mask of goofy ecstasy. Even after I vacuumed the corner free of any residual physical catnip flakes he spent the next half an hour there with first his butt and then his head wedged into the corner like a complete loony-tunes, and then he disappeared.

I found him sleeping off the fix downstairs, half hanging out of his window hammock with one back paw and his tail dangling down the side and his head at such a twisted angle that I was afraid for him - but he was out like a light, asleep, dead to the world. He didn't even stir when I poked him. Not an ear twitch. Nothing. I had to lean in close to find out if the idiot was still BREATHING.

Cat 2, who had a smaller amount, is lying next to him in the cradle right now, looking at me in an accusing manner. I'm nor sure whether her beef is that I gave her brother too much and now look at what I did!... or that I gave her brother too much and her not nearly enough..

I am REALLY looking forward to when this wears off at three o'clock this morning...

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