anghara (anghara) wrote,

Remembrance of things past

Every New Year's Day, when I was a little girl, we used to watch the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra do their New Year's COncert. They would play a selection of waltzes and polkas, mostly Strauss but a smattering of other stuff, and always, always end with two traditional encores - "The Beautiful Blue Danube" and then "The Radetzky March".

I was born on the shores of the Danube. It isn't blue, there - it's an old river, it isn't blue, it's muddy and dangeous and full of brown whirlpools... and, to me, always and eternally beautiful. I weep at the sight of it every time I return and catch my first glimpse of the old river. And that waltz, it's always been MY waltz, just like the river has always been MY river.

I just watched the 2006 concert on PBS. They did the encores. And I discovered I still cry when I hear the waltz.

Happy New Year, all.
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