anghara (anghara) wrote,

Well, Happy New Year!

We're planning on going to visit some friends and watch "Serenity" on DVD (how's that for a geeky new year's eve...?) and then, and then, and then it'll be next year...

I just realised that I've written something in here every day in December, except Dec 6. I wonder what happened on teh sixth that I got distracted...? I might add that I haven't kept a daily diary or journal since, oh, since I was something like thirteen or fourteen years old (and THOSE were a teenage horror, probably, from memory since they don't exist any more...) so LJ has been... a watershed of sorts.

Awaiting visitors shortly, so signing off - with the possibility of signing back on later, with LJ you never know, but in the meantime happy new year, everyone. May 2006 bring magic to you all.

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