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Looking back over 2008

The 'First Lines' meme...
Well, all right, I don't DO first lines. I tend to tell stories. So here's a selection of first-of-the-month storylines:

January:"Maybe it's just the new-year potential energy starting to unwind but I suddenly find myself with lists of people I must call, things I must do before the year is TOO much older, sort out this, figure out that, chase up the other... argh."
It would seem that I greeted the year, um, BUSY...

February:"Dammit, 2008, quit it. I mean that. A month of 31 days could not POSSIBLY have slipped by me this fast."
...and carried right on being so, into February...

March:" SFRevu reviews Spellspam - Money quote:

"Once again, Alexander gives us a story that is engaging, complex, and filled with young people who must face decisions and actions that will impact them for the rest of their lives." "
Never a bad time to post a good review.

April:{title of post: My Douglas squirrel thinks he's a beaver."] Whut I said was: "Seriously. No April fools. I've just watched hm sneak up to one of the pillars that holds up my deck and start gnawing at the base of it for all he's worth."
Nice to know I kept up my wildlife sightings.

May:"Jeff VanderMeer declares war on Internet and other distractions while he concentrates on finishing the next novel."
Well, I liked what he had to say.

June:"The venerable London Times has an article about the dumbest questions ever asked of students taking any number of British qualifications, from high school to tech qualifications or the graduating exams for hoity-toity Oxford colleges."
Oh yes, I remember this one. I had a lot of headdesk moments in this one. Shows the variety of stuff that make it into this here blog...

July: pretty boring - just a notification of a new entry for the Storytellersunplugged bolg - nothing to see here - move along...

August: "Launchpad 2008: we can haz photos?"
One of the more luminous experiences of my life. Go re-read the Launchpad series of posts on the blog. Feel the exhilaration of it.

September:"Remember "The Shire" in Oregon? That beautiful estate with thatched-roof cottages and courts and trees and hobbit-hole storage sheds - there were plenty of people oohing and aaahing over it some little time ago in LJ-land - a place I wouldn't mind living myself if I had a cool million to throw around - well, it's kind of over."
I remember this one too. It was saddening, to know that the human creativity and the human whimsy submitted once again to the shackles of Mammon.

October: Let's make it a twofer, because it's kind of important. The first post of the month ushers in a new book by a friend and fellow author:

"Fellow SF Novelist Mindy Klasky' third Jane Madison novel, MAGIC AND THE MODERN GIRL, is out today!"

And then, the next day or so, I wrote a post entitled

"I think... I may... be done..."

With my own novel, that is. Damn close to 200 000 words of it. It was a milestone worth recording in a look-back-on-2008 post.

November: First post title: "Unhappy ISP captive"
Trouble with the Internets. Just to show that 2008 did not run entirely smoothly, as it were.

December:"If you're following this blog, you might gather I've just finished wrapping lots of Christmas presents.

A LOT of them are books."
And Merry Christmas to all.

Of course there were a lot of photoblogs this year. Even as I write this I had to stop to take pictures... of the deer RIGHT outside my office window, looking in...

I wrote a whole new novel (close to 200 000 words of it. Of course, in the going-over stage I might find myself slimming that down - but the fact remains that I WROTE it. And it is a good one. With the agent at the moment, we will start dealing with it in terms of it being saleable property once the publishing world wakes up from its Chrsitmas beauty sleep.

I worked on the production matters involved with the third Worldweavers book, "Cybermage", which is now due out imminently. I have a local reading/signing set up at our indie bookstore in March, complete with the presence of a Tesla coil providing the background (courtesy of the Bellingham Museum of Radio and Electricity) - there WILL be pictures...

I went to Launchpad (see the "What I said" part for more on that). I went to a bunch of conventions again. I caught the Wiscon "wischolera" bug in May, just to show solidarity with my fellow men. I accepted my first GoH invitation to a convetion (Radcon, February 2009). I spoke at the New York Public Library.

I spent a lot of money at the dentist.

I watched a family of deer grow up before my eyes, and I helped them survive the cruel December snows of 2008 with daily helpings of apples and corn.

I saw the California redwoods for the first time. And cried.

I took some beautiful photographs.

I started a new book.

I shovelled snow, both powder and heavy wet stuff, and I'm sorta kinda paying for that with a shattered lower back right now - I had to take an aspirin last night.

I baked a cake yesterday, and it was good.

I'm now waiting for the last hours of 2008 to trickle by into the bottom of the hourglass.

It seems to me, from reading my flist, that the "2008=evil" camp outnumbers the "2008=good" camp by quite some margin. Here's hoping that 2009 will be better for all of you, whether that means just inching up a notch on the happiness scale or seeing your fortunes improving radically. May the new year bring everyone at least some of the dreams that have been laid at its door.

Happy New Year. Onwards and upwards. Let's go.

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