anghara (anghara) wrote,

Merry Christmas... and in other news...

We had a great Christmas morning. I got me one of these, which delighted me muchly - and I also got a little GPS unit, which will delight me even more muchly once I can get it going in the car (which, itself, is still going nowhere, because... well... wait until the "other news"...) We both got remembrances from the redwood trip - as in, both of us had stocking stuffers of nice redwood-veneer pens made from old redwood burls, and a tapestry throw of the redwoods to go on the armchair in the living room.

A friend sent me a T-shirt that says "Will write for chocolate". Heh.

The cats got a "self-warming" bed in fake leopard print, which has a layer build in which reflects body heat and will make for nice cozy snoozing when the temperatures go down. The inner layer rustles, though, and they're both a little... wary of this, just yet. they also got their traditional catnip christmas toys and were having a wonderful time with those chasing them in and out of the debris of the wrapping paper. They are both asleep currently. Too much fun and games.

In the other news - we're melting, with serious drips occurring everywhere and the snow turning from the fluffy dry powdery stuff into heavy wet slushy stuff which is still covering our driveway and much of the road. We're hoping for a couple of days of above-freezing temps to get all that mush out of our way. And perhaps once it does we can actually GO somewhere, ourselves, for a change instead of wimping out and having our very kind neighbours with the snow tyres who have been making occasional runs to the grocery store and the mail rotunda. But so far it's been drip.... drip... drip - although to be fair it still WAS a white CHristmas, just like in the songs. It's currently RAINING. Making a bigger mess of everything before it gets better.

Well. Hope your day was good. Merry Christmas, everyone.
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