anghara (anghara) wrote,


This was less than an hour ago, out my front door...

Ditto, out the back, into the woods...

This was yesterday, trying to take a pic of that bit of snow in the cedar through a window and not realising that there was a Christmas lights reflection thing going on... presto, instant Christmas cheer in the wild wood. I liked the accident...

Rudolph the Snow Nosed Deer...

Squirrel in the snow

Bird in Blizzard

(as always, click on pics for bigger)

In other news I've discovered that I've comprehensively forgotten how to make a snowman. I was just out there trying to, in perfect snow, and somehow all I managed was a snow stalagmite.

Still. I had fun.

It's positively BALMY out there today - hovering at or just above freezing - according to the forecast it's back into the deep freeze tomorrow for a couple of days - but today... man... I just love watching it snow. There's... just... SOMETHING

And if nothing changes within the next couple of days we're having a white Christmas this year.

As it should be.

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