anghara (anghara) wrote,

Oh, FUNNY...

I left a (fairly large) corn cob out on the feeder - it's getting cool out there and the criters need it.

We just watched one of our Cheeky-species squirrels, a Douglas squirrel (one just like the one in the pic)

take the entire corn cob in his mouth - it's twice the size of him - and take it all the way down the outside deck to the far side, getting stuck at every upright on the railings but figuring out how to get past them. He climbed to the top of the railing - with the thing still in his mouth - contemplated a jump to the tree - climbed down onto the deck - *shucked* the corn a little bit - climbed up on the railing again - measured the leap - shucked the corn some more on the deck - climbed up again - LEAPED AT THE BRANCH FROM THE RAILING, with the corn cob still in his mouth - and ***MADE IT***.

I tried to take a picture but I got him just as he leaped and all I have is squirrel-and-corn-shaped blur. But I swear, we APPLAUDED. This was above and beyond the call of duty. He DESERVED that prize.

Go, Cheeky!
Tags: wildlife report

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