anghara (anghara) wrote,

A plan! A plan!

We has one! Courtesy of merriehaskell, here's what it is:

Step One: Figure out your favorite borrowed book of the year, and go buy yourself a copy for your very own.

Step Two:
Make a list of five of your favorite books from this year
Dig up contact info for the authors of those books
Send an email their way, letting them know how their stories and words affected your life.
This costs nothing, and you have no reason not to do this.

Step Three: Give away a copy of a book by a debut author from this year for your Annual Gifting.

Step Four: Make a list of five short stories from this year, and give them the Step Two treatment.

A GOOD plan. I will follow it. I hope many of you who might be reading this blog do too.
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