anghara (anghara) wrote,

Pictures at last...

THESE are just a random selection of 20 out of more than 500. To give you a taste of it.

I'm SELLING these. Seriously. You can't take a bad picture in those woods... or along that fabulous coastline. (And I do mean it. I've matted and framed some six or so photos - and believe me, with the proper matting, carefully and individually chosen for each picture, they are magnificent, you should SEE the "sacred light" picture with a gold matting, it's true magic - and some of them are parcelled out to various exhibitory places where potential buyers might view 'em.

If anyone out there is interested in the possibility of a mounted-and-matted (but not framed, those cost too much to ship and you might want to choose your own anyway) 8-by-10 photos, lemme know...

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