anghara (anghara) wrote,

'Tis that time...

If you're following this blog, you might gather I've just finished wrapping lots of Christmas presents.

A LOT of them are books.

Go thou and do likewise. Buy books for the holidays. Give the gift that keeps giving.

If you want signed bookplates to go with any of mine that you might purchase, the lines for plates-in-time-for-Christmas are open for requests until December 15 - mailing anything after that and expecting it to get places gets awfully under the wire-ish after that date.

Of course, feel free to request signed bookplates IN GENERAL. Just be aware - if you want one for Christmas, ask before the 15th.

Comments screened in case anyone wishes to leave contact info there - alternatively just email me directly at anghara at vaxer dot net.
Tags: christmas

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