anghara (anghara) wrote,

...And we're done.

Orycon, over.

Let me encapsulate, in as few words as I can.

Was on panels. Attended other panels as audience member. The panels in question ranged from meh to pretty damned good, as panels at conventions do. There were a couple of highlights in there - like the panel on YA where I introduced myself with the YA trilogy and a member of the audience brought up my "first book", and she meant "Jin Shei", and she came up to me after and said that she and her entire family had loved the book and that she had given it to multiple people as presents and all like that and then, at the end of a whole different panel, she and her friend came up to me in the corridor bearing multiple copies of my books in their hands and asked if I wouldn't mind signing them right then because they were leaving the next morning and would miss my signing slot; or the bookseller from the dealers' room who came up to me at breakfast today to tell me that she had "made the mistake of cracking open 'Spellspam' the night before", and that she could not put it down (VERY good when a bookseller tells you this, it means that the books will get recommended to buyers...); like saying things on this panel or that one and watching audience heads nodding vigorously as the words left my lips (always good when the audience likes what you have to say, they'll meander down to the dealers' room eventually and with a little luck they will encounter there the bookseller who waxed enthusiastic about my books...). Then the social aspect of it - the meals with friends, the shared laughter, the in-jokes, the plans to see each other at the next convention or at this one the next year.

But it's done. They're dismantling stuff downstairs. Sometime between now and 11 AM tomorrow I need to re-pack everything to manageable proportions, and then we shall make our way to the train station, and then onto the train, and then we will be home again.

And we have no plans to go anywhere else until February.

I might give myself a few days or weeks off for good behaviour - sort out the photos I took on this trip, this and that. But after that, I have another book to write, and after that another, and then, next year, it's off around the mulberry bush again. But first it's down time, a rest, what remains of November, Christmas, New Year's, and a long laid back January.

Home tomorrow. I think I am about ready for that now. I can't wait.

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