anghara (anghara) wrote,

At Orycon

Slept for nearly thirteen hours last night. I must have been more socked than I thought.

Anyway - since I don't believe that I've done so before - this is where you can find me for the next couple or three days:

Friday November 21

3 PM - Reading (probably from Cybermage, my new one, coming out in February) - Salem

Saturday November 22

10 AM - Writing Quality Work for Young Adults - Medford - Alma Alexander, S. Danelle Perry, Brenda Cooper, John C. Bunnell, Laura Anne Hill

3 PM - Writing Critique Group - Sunstone - Alma Alexander and Dianna Rodgers

4 pm - The Tolkien Effect: Does every rock and tree need its own language? - Medford - Rebecca Neason, Sara Mueller, J.C.Hendee, Alma Alexander

5 PM - Third spear carrier on the left: writing minor characters - Portland - Judith COnly, Sara Mueller, Alma Alexander, Leah Cutter, David Goldman

Sunday November 23

11 AM - Pros at cons - Salon A - Margaret Organ Kean, Barb Hendee, Alma Alexander, Tom Whitmore

1:30 PM - Signing - Autograph table 2

And then there's things to tie up in Portland, after that.

And then, home on the train (no more driving for a while! Yay!)

Anyway. Off the computer now. Have to get ready to go out and meed bjcooper for breakfast.
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