anghara (anghara) wrote,

The leaves of days are now falling fast...

... from the denuded tree that was 2005. We had the great tidy-up of 2005 in here today, with stuff being consolidated into boxes which were half full or half empty, depending on which way you view the world, and a pile of things have been taken out into the car for a visit to Goodwill sometime this week. Clearing decks, as it were. Roll on 2006, we're ready for you.

We're having turkey stew for dinner. There was a LOT fo turkey in the fridge after the Christmas dinner - even seven people, well six and a half if you count the eight-year-old as half - didn't leave much of a dent in a 19-pound bird. We'll be Under the Sign of Turkey for a while chex Deckert.

In other food-and-Christmas-related news, sort of, I've been following that idiot cat of mine around watching him very carefully - somehow, in the few moments that I wasn't hovering over him like a mother hen, Boboko managed to eat almost half of one of those ribbon clusters you stick on presents - a bright blue one, which he has now been sicking up in little hidden corners yesterday evening making me contemplate taking him in to the vet for a colonic lavage or something. There's more than one way to teach a cat new tricks. I WISH he wouldn't behave like a somewhat simple three-year-old, though, with everything in creation being deemed suitable to munch on...

Forecast for wet and windy tomorrow. Still no photography. *Sigh*.

Back to my book, now, until dinner is ready...
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