anghara (anghara) wrote,

Still in San Francisco...


* Spent most of the day yesterday visiting with a SF friend whom we first met *before we got married*, at the party where rdeck and I first met each other in person - this was now a decade ago, and all I could clearly remember about this woman was that she had dark hair - and that was the only thing that was actually likely to have -you know - CHANGED over the past decade. Well, yes, she was a little greyer - but it wasn't hard to recognise her at all. She and her husband live on Telegraph Hill - so we got to watch the sun set and turn Berkeley gold from her balcony, and we saw and heard the famous Telegraph Hill parrots - they weren't exactly photographically cooperative but hey we SAW them. So there. And then they helped us plot out the rest of the trip. We got a secret password to a nice restaurant in Fort Bragg where we are to go and eat, and tell the owner that our friends sent us. They also told us where to go and see redwoods which aren't obscured by tourists and where it's possible to have a quiet and personal encounter with the big trees. That's all for next week, though.

*This morning, checked out of the Hotel Majestic and took a cab with all our impedimenta out to Borderlands Books on Valencia, where we left said impedimenta in Alan's care and sailed off down the street to explore. I am writing this epistle on a tiny rickety table in perilous proximity to rdeck's orange and carrot juice (which was made right there in front of me and contains FOUR large carrots...) in a cafe called Javalencia. Which has WiFi. Civilised city. Hello, world - I am connected...

*Our cab driver told us that this was the hottest November that he can remember in 36 years which is how long he has lived here. "Whether that is a cause for concern," he said, "remains to be seen..."

*There's a night club across the street from Borderlands Books called "Amnesia". That is presumably where you go when you leave the other neighbourhood nightclub, called "Delirium"...

*The famous Ripley was not yet in residence but I was promised that I could meet him a little later. From his pictures, which I've seen online in several places, it is going to be an interesting experience for someone used to a fluffpuff like Boboko. Whom I will of course start missing fearfully as soon as I see another cat...

* This place is FULL of funky architecture. I've had to restrain myself severely from taking SCADS of photographs, just because something catches my eye. Because EVERYTHING is catching my eye,

* I didn't make it Berkeley this time. Again. I swear, next time I get here I have to basically plan to go there FIRST...

Off to finish my latte. God, I'm such a Yuppie.

Hope to see a few friends at the reading later.

And then it's bye bye City on the Bay, hello Northern California, HELLO Big Trees.

More later.

Got photos to take.

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