anghara (anghara) wrote,


A few minor things.

1. I have a new favourite airline, I think. From the funky purple lighting to the tongue-in-cheek version of the classic pre-flight briefing spiel ("for the 0.999% of you who have never seen a seatbelt, they work like this...") they have a sense of whimsy. This appeals to me.

2. It took almost an hour less to fly from Seattle to San Francisco than it took to get from Bellingham to Seattle on the airporter shuttle bus. Just sayin'.

3. San Francisco has a very odd relationship with clouds. They hang halfway between the streets and the air and refract light in strange ways. This is pretty cool. Also, the city likes square architecture. A lot.

4. Our hotel is a little off the beaten path, which is a problem we will have to tackle tomorrow morning, but otherwise it is... astonishing. The building dates from 1902, was once the permanent residence of Olivia de Havilland, and our room boasts a real honest to goodness four poster bed. Yes, Virginia, there will be pictures.

5. Just went for a walk around a couple of blocks. Discovered that every street in SF is uphill. Wheeze, gasp.

More tomorrow. Signing off.

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