anghara (anghara) wrote,

First Sentence of the First Post of the Month

(snaffled from holyoutlaw - sorry, I still don't know how do to those funky LJ name thingies....)

It'll have to be since May 2005, since I'm a relative LJ newbie, but here goes:

Looks like I've joined the blogger age.

Lessee, where were we?

I got an Editorial Letter from the UK folks concerning "Embers of Heaven" about two weeks ago (it's the follow-up to "Jin shei", the Blessed Book, if anyone has been in hibernation and doesn't know this yet - I know i've talked about it to people but I no longer recall what to whom - if you want to know more and it isn't still pre-pub embargoed news, ask!)

(Okay, that was a LOOOOOONG sentence...)

Too much to say, too much to report, too little time at an Internet cafe terminal. Y'all just have to wait until I get home, is all.

(Still in London, post Worldcon...)

I love it. I really do.

Where I'm at:

- the proofs for "Embers of Heaven" are pending or even on the wau, awaiting confirmation from editorial on that one.

(Post title, necessary in order for First Sentence to make sense: Someone killed my pumpkins!!!)

The little white one with the pained expression is quite simply gone, vanished, and the other, the big yellow one, is kind of smashed in half in the middle of my driveway!

(Again, post title, for similar reasons: Windows)

No, not the computer kind. The kind you look out of at the world

So - it's another year soon...

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