anghara (anghara) wrote,

"Scouring of the Shire"

Remember "The Shire" in Oregon? That beautiful estate with thatched-roof cottages and courts and trees and hobbit-hole storage sheds - there were plenty of people oohing and aaahing over it some little time ago in LJ-land - a place I wouldn't mind living myself if I had a cool million to throw around - well, it's kind of over.

As Dave Langford puts it in "Ansible":

SCOURING OF THE SHIRE. The US subprime mortgage debacle led to
foreclosure proceedings against the Tolkien-themed 'Shire' housing estate
in Bend, Oregon (where round hobbit-hole doors mercifully open on garden
storage rather than being main entrances). The developers owe their bank
$3.4m. A December auction is expected; new owners may or may not want to
keep fantasy features like artificially thatched roofs, 'dragon-shaped
support beams', 'Ring Bearer's Court', etc. (Bend _Bulletin_, 31 July)

(full article here)

Once again, real life 1, dreams 0. Pity...

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