anghara (anghara) wrote,

I have bionic squirrels

The gave up on the HINGES of the food bin. No, that was too slow, and too indirect.

Instead, there is now a hole a couple of centimeters in diameter *on the lid of the food bin*. A plastic lid which is a solid heavy duty plastic at least several millimeteres in diameter.

The scary thing is that I don't know what became of the plastic that used to be, um, what is now the hole. THe squirrel can't have EATEN it, surely? That would be an indigestible lump even for a determined squirrel...?

Make that two scary things. There are tooth marks on another bit of the lid. One hole wasn't enough.

I've duct-taped a metal lid over the hole - but hey, if they chewed through solid plastic a couple of pieces of duct tape are hardly going to be a problem.

I may have to invest in a metal food bin...
Tags: wildlife report

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