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I was supposed to have been at the dentist's, like, a quarter of an hour ago. But the receptionist phoned me and told me that they'd call me as soon as the doctor is ready. See, the patient before me went in for a filling... and wound up staying for a root canal. Which will take another hour and a half, thank you.

Uh huh.

I'm going in for a filling. It took me long enough to psych myself up to this to begin with. Now I'm sitting here imagining all kinds of wonderful things that are in store for ME... once I get that call to come and park myself in the dentist's chair. As if the prospect of imminent pain and suffering wasn't enough - now I have to wait on it to descend? Let me tell you, with every moment that passes things grow in my mind. By the time I finally hear that phone ring I'm likely to be under the bed gibbering quietly to myself.

On top of that, I woke abruptly at some half past three this morning or so, from a very unpleasant dream - someone had been into my house (or the "my house equivalent" in dreamland, it didn't look that much like my REAL house but it was mine anyway) and took ALL the computers. My desktop, my laptop, rdeck's stuff - all of it. They left the crappy old DVD player but they took all the computers. Man, was I upset. I actually got up to have a drink of water, and to double check that rdeck's computer was still in its proper place. It was. I went back to bed. It took me a while to get back to sleep, though, my ears cocked for the stealthy pad of computer stealers' footsteps.

Then rdeck, who has a bad cold currently, managed to tip a couple of peach pips into the garbage disposal unit in the kitchen sink, which made a noise of doom when said garbage disposal was switched on. So I had to race up there and fish around inside the thing with a teaspoon trying to get the pips out - I could SEE them, they just weren't very cooperative in the process of their eviction.

Got 'em out. Came back downstairs. I keep staring at the phone. Hate this. Hate it hate it hate it.

Good thing I wrote two chapters in two days this week. Today is unlikely to produce anything any more coherent or useful than, well, a blog entry like this one. Assuming anyone can look at it and consider it either coherent or interesting.

Oh, and by the way, someone definitely fast-forwarded fall weather. I'm seriously considering hauling the heater out of mothballs early.
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