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"Sly Mongoose" is out today.

Also, sorry for being lax, a shout-out to Kat Richardson for her new one, "Underground", book 3 of her Greywalker series - newly released, just out there, and so is she (or has been until recently, anyway) on a mini book tour promoting the book. Go to her website for details, and go see her if she's anywhere near you she's a cool person and a great writer so go say hello (and get the book while you're at it...)

In other news, the Mythopoeic Awards are out. I'm really pleased for Catherynne Valente - the "Orphan's tales" books really are magical - but I'm less than thrilled to see Harry Potter on the winner's podium for the children's award, yet again, at the expense of some other stuff that was, frankly, far more mythopoeic (IMHO, anyway) than the Potter tales. It's as though when Potter is in contention nothing else need apply. They're good entertaining stories, yes, and I take a bow to the juggernaut of a Publishing Phenomenon that they have become - but I really would have liked to see something else win this award of all awards. Oh well. It's out of the running next year, anyway, finally, so we might see a few other stars shining through after the Potter sun sets.
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