anghara (anghara) wrote,

Launchpad, debriefing

So. Home.

I am told that I was asleep last night before my head fully hit the pillow. I slept for nine hours.

It's over, but here's a summary of Mission Launchpad for those who might want to follow in order:

On the road again - LaunchPad
Launchpad, Day 1
Launchpad day 2 - sense of wonder engaged, captain...
Launchpad day 3 - how I spent our morning off...
Launchpad day 3 - "My God, it's full of stars..."
Getting ready to give you Launchpad day 4...
Launchpad Day 4 - hypernovae and binaries and black holes, oh my!
Dark Matter Smoking Gun
Eye candy
Launchpad Day 5, AM - Galaxy Class
Launchpad Day 5, PM, Part the First - The Fate of the Universe
Launchpad Day 5, PM, Part the Second - Fawning on Stars and Writing for ET
Launchpad Day 6, AM - Space, the final frontier... for humans and computers...
Launchpad Day 6, PM - The Red Shift of Farewell...
Launchpad, penultimate - traveling home
A collection of useful links"

My thanks to everyone who helped make this such a stellar experience, in all ways. I will treasure the memory of these starlit days and all the things I learned in the bright shadow of the Milky Way in the wide Wyoming sky.
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