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Launchpad, penultimate - traveling home

Left Laramie amidst much hugs and fond farewells by 7:30AM - actually, it was a little more complicated than that, I was getting a lift in with Steve Gould and Laura Mixon and David Marusek, and I was supposed to meet them outside to load up the car at five to seven so we could go grab breakfast and then go immediately. Well, I couldn't sleep until some godawful hour - 3 AM or something stupid like that - so I got up, went on the net, and finally crawled back into bed about forty minutes later - and then fell asleep like poleaxed and woke up at 10 to six and it was a good thing I had packed the night before because I literally fell out of that room and started the day racing. Grab breakfast. Get into car. Okay, the next bit was restful because we went the back way and it was scenic to the max, but still - get into Denver airport. Ask if there are any earlier flights I could go on standby for. There were two, one at 11.44 and the other at 1:44, and I was put on standby for both but not checked into my actual booked flight which was supposed to leave at 2:50. So flight #1 turned out to be massively overbooked with supposedly ticketed passengers outnumbering the seats on the plane never mind any standby possibilities, and then flight #2 was delayed first until 2:30 and then until 3:00 which would have meant leaving LATER than I was supposed to so I raced back and got checked in to my flight - and it was playing ping pong with gates, I swear, there was a malicious force at work - first flight at gate 47 (THAT way) the second flight at gate 27 (Back in the OTHER direction), customer service (to get checked in - back across towards 47 again) and my own flight's gate (37 - back the OTHER way. I was halfway to looking for the candid camera.

No Internet at Denver. They have free WiFi, it told me I was connected and gave me an excellent signal, but I could not open a single thing in the browser. Twenty minutes with a tech support guy on the phone (they gave me a 1-800 number) yielded no joy. Growl. Didn't have time or the concetration to do anything much else. Fell onto flight, finally, which was on time. Am in Seattle, waiting for my final flight back to Bellingham. I will have been on the run at a furious pace for over 12 hours by the time I get into Bellingham. I am just... fuzzy around the edges by this time, dammit.

Tired. Tired tired tired.

Launchpad was worth it.

maryrobinette beat me to what I had already thought about doing - and would have done if the Internet hadn't been so annoying today - and that is, do a final Launchpad post with links to all of my reports in chronological order for those who don't want to wade back all the way winnowing them out. So I'll do that tomorrow.

From HOME.

God, I can't wait to get a good night's SLEEP.

Hope the folks at Denvention are having a ball - will someone tell me how the Launchpad panel went, please?...

Back to work tomorrow, sorting out stuff I brought back/learned from Launchpad, I have a story to write and I have to get back to my novel (which I optimistically brought with me to work on while at Launchpad and, um, didn't do much with over there (when do you think I got the time to write those copious blog reports...?) So - back to, as it were, Earth tomorrow.

See you soon somewhere under glow of the Milky Way.
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