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Launchpad day 3 - how I spent our morning off...

Saturday August 2, AM

Got a lift down to “historic downtown Laramie” this morning after breakfast and spent a couple of hours photographing the place and its idiosyncrasies – like, for instance, the bleached cowskulls on display in an antique store, not sure if they were for sale or just for atmosphere, and a saddle with a tapestry-worked seat, and a buffalo on skis (you think I’m kidding don’t you) and the “cowboy this” and “cowboy that” motif everywhere. I bought a hat. Okay, so shoot me. It’s one of those foldable packable ones, not too large, and entirely cute – and now I fit right into the Cowgirl Scene.

Once photos were done and the shops opened at around 10, I made the tour of the town’s bookstores (three in downtown Laramie, not bad at all!) and although none of them HAD my books I left bookmarks, and told them about the books, and one shop owner gave me a present of a bookmark neatly wrapped up in its own little giftbox – and they’ll order the books, I’ll send in some signed bookplates when I get home, it’s another foot in another door.

Tried to connect to an unsecured network (called LARIAT Central. Of course it is.) with the laptop but it isn’t giving me much joy although it insists that I am connected – in spite of being connected it is still unable to find or open a single webpage. So this blog entry is going to be posted later.

Scott’s here now with the van to pick me up – lunch at the Library restaurant, where we had dinner the first night. It was memorable for the side order of the Rocky Mountain Oysters which were presented sliced up and deep fried with a small bowl of salsa. There are I believe pictures of some of the outlanders indulging in same, amidst much giggling. I, um, wasn’t so brave…
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