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On the road again - LaunchPad

Left home at 9 this morning, at something less than 59F. Arrived in Denver, to 95F. Yike. You gotta be kidding me.

On the way, the security folks at the check-in line took exception to the sweatshirt I was wearing and "invited" me to take it off or face a patdown on the other side of the metal detector. I was suddenly channeling "The King And I", where the Thai ladies giggled at the sight of Anna's crinoline and this was explained to her by the King's chief wife as, "They think you wear dress this way because you shaped that way". Yeah, it's a fleece sweatshirt. Yeah, it's a tad bulky. But it isn't solidly bulky and it is fairly obvious that beneath the folds of it is a very ordinary human body. Just what is it that I was supposed to have potentially had secreted underneath this garment? It wasn't as though I was wearing a parka...

Well. Anyway. Seattle airport refused to do WiFi for me, so no Internet while waiting for my Denver flight. Whiled the time away with a large latte, and reading a Katherine Kurtz Deryni book which I have not read before - "Childe Morgan". In some way it annoys me - if you name a book after a character you kind of want the character to have something to do with the book, and Childe Morgan is still being no more than being precocious and obnoxiously cute at three years old (THREE!) and I'm halfway through the book already. Growl.

The Miasma of Science Fiction Writers Approaching Critical Mass led me to the Launchpad group waiting in the food court at Denver airport - and we eventually picked up everyone we could pick up and loaded ourselves into the van - only barely - and drove the 2 hours to Laramie (with the inevitable "are we there yet?" from someone in the back as we approached the place) and along the way we saw a large (fake) buffalo that guards the boundary of Wyoming, and also a bunch of disconcerting live camels in a field by the side of the road. Camels. Yes. The kind that you usually see posing against the backdrop of the Pyramid of Cheops.

Go figure.

Anyway. Arrived in Laramie, had nice dinner at a restaurant called the Library across the road from our lodgings, got told that there IS breakfast tomorrow if we want it but it's from 7 - 8 and if we don't make that then we have coffee and snacks waiting for us before we begin work tomorrow (there's a test! Nobody told me there would be a test! Eeek!)

Under the Helpful Stuff I Might Have Packed If I Had Thought ABout It category - I really probably should have stuffed my calculator in my bag...

We're staying in a special floor in a student residence, which is interesting in a number of ways, not least that nobody's key card seems to easily open the bathroom area and we eventually resorted to stuffing a cushion in the door to keep it open because otherwise access to basic ablutions could be, um, a problem. We have to deal with that tomorrow.

Off to stuff my head with stars tomorrow. Hope I survive the heat. Will keep everyone posted - here and in email, apparently, because my little cellphone has been "Searching for service" ever since we got to Laramie. I'll take it out into the street tomorrow and see if I have better luck - but it looks like there's no coverage for little old me out in the wild wild west, sniff...)
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