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Gearing up for the Launchpad Astronomy Workshop, in just over a week now. Gawd, just yesterday this thing was MONTHS away and I had lots and lots and LOTS of time to do, er, everything that needed to be done, and now it's a week away and my to-do lists are still there - whittled down, to be sure, but there nonetheless. Time kind of steals away from you when you aren't looking.

But I digress.


In a week I'll be immersed in stars.

I don't know how many of the others in the workshop are being as, um, starry-eyed about this as I am - how many of them might turn out to write poetry - if any of them know that *I* do, at least occasionally, when the circumstances warrant.

Which is to say, I wrote a poem about it all. A poem called... "Stars".


When I was still a little girl, and dreams were just as real
as any joy or any pain that I had cause to feel
I looked up at the velvet sky, at dusk and late at night
and something deep within me rose to tremble at the sight
of stars spilled carelessly across the endless empty dark
legends all, with names and tales, each of them a living spark –
under the starry skies enthralled I would run,
and they were many, many,
and I was one.

I grew, and with me knowledge grew, and stars I came to know
as suns that warmed a myriad worlds, places for us to go,
and I saw men land on the moon, and dreaming of a star
which trembled there and beckoned to us, just a step too far –
and I learned of bright galaxies beyond the Milky Way,
and I heard of hungry black holes a million years away –
each star, each tiny twinkle, another planet’s sun –
and they were many, many,
and I was one.

I learned the myth, I learned the lore, I learned the science too –
and always there was more to learn than I already knew,
and myth turned into science, and science turned into dream.
We’re more alike, the stars and I, than at first it may seem –
the same atoms and molecules are built into star stuff
as those that make my own heart beat – at last it was enough
to know that when the end comes and all the worlds are done
that we are many, many,
and we are one.

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