anghara (anghara) wrote,

One of these days...

...I'll unveil the new icon I have ready for when I talk about the New Project. When I do you will all no doubt know instantly just what it is that I am scribbling now. But as far as the scribbling goes, it goes well, and I've just put Chapter 14 to bed. I am currently at close to 86500 words, and I'm now sitting here poring over maps drawn of Ancient Places in Ancient Times and having a wonderful time planning a harrowing and exotic and very-much-a-learning-experience itinerary for the journey one of my protags is about to step out on. And my two main protagonists are finally about to meet... not in the chapter I am writing now, but the NEXT chapter.

Close to 100 000 words into the book, in fact.

Did I ever mention that I rarely write short stories? Are you starting to get an inkling of why...?

In other news, today is my wedding anniversary.

How time flies.

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