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You'll understand the significance of that icon in a moment...

Well, now. There's a review of "Embers of Heaven" by yours truly on this site

The reviewer calls the book "beautifully written" and "absorbing", and highly recommends it.

She gets the name of my heroine right, and even spells it correctly.

The Embers of Heaven - by Alma Alexander

This novel is a rich, magical epic of romance and Japanese revolution. Told through the eyes of Amais, this young girl lives a quiet peasant life until her mother dies and her father is forced to sell her and her sister to a Geisha house.

As a young child Amais was taught the secret language of jin-shei and its customs by her grandmother – a knowledge that enabled chosen women to magically weave their own fate. After her sale she loses this excellent link with her past but retains the knowledge that she is somehow special. As she grows into womanhood she becomes torn between two worlds – that of her birth right and that she has come to know.

Amais rises to become the most fabled and expensive Geisha due to her unusual blue eyes and her virginity is sold off to the highest bidder for a record price to a man she detests – a strange Doctor who likes to keep virgin blood samples. Geisha must never fall in love with their clients, but there is one man that has held a special place in Amais' heart since childhood. However, it seems that fate will keep them apart.

Eventually Amais tries to reinvent the women’s country, her birth right and bring back the secrets of jin-shei, but the Golden Rising revolution storms through history and seems intent on destroying all that was once valuable, gracious and beautiful including the secret knowledge Amais has sworn to protect and restore to the world.

This book is beautifully written, absorbing and gives an excellent insight into the life of Geisha and their customs. Highly recommended.

Don't get me wrong. I love getting my work praised.

But not when it's *someone else's book*...

We can haz Japan...? Or China? Or a mystical land called Syai?

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