anghara (anghara) wrote,

Getting there...

There are times it seriously feels like two steps forward one step back. I wrote most of the current chapter and then looked at the scene I had just penned and went, unh, NAAAAAH. So I wiped 3/4 of the chapter and went back to where it started to go bad.

I finished the recalcitrant chapter today, and it's good now, MUCH better... except for one minor mingy little detail. I am not at the place where I was supposed to end this chapter. I'm at least another chapter away from that place.

Which plays meerry hob with the internal organization of this novel so far.


I guess reorganization later is the easy part. I should look on the bright side - I finished 5000+ good words today. A good chapter.

This is WORKING, dammit. It's just working slower and in a more convoluted manner than I would like it to be.

Well. Back to the grindstone tomorrow. I'll write those next necessary couple of thousand words and then we'll see where it all fits in. It's just that I am not where I wanted to be come the middle of the year...
Tags: writing, writing life, writinng process

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