anghara (anghara) wrote,

A booksellers association take on Amazon...

Fewer Books, More Potholes: The True Cost of Amazon’s Tax Gimmickry

How many new teachers could you hire in California for $48,000,000 per year—1,000, maybe more? How many police officers or fire-fighters could you employ? How many books could you buy for school libraries—5,000,000? You could get at least that many.

$48,000,000 is the estimated amount of revenue that California loses each year by’s refusal to collect and pay sales taxes in this state. If you consider that Amazon has been thumbing its nose at California tax laws for more than a decade, the amount lost is probably well over half-a-billion dollars.

Rest of the article is here (you have to scroll down the page a little)

This has been a public service announcement...

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