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Toni Morrison and me

There was a Q&A with her in a recent issue of TIME magazine which came to hand (the May 19 issue for those who want to track it down), and reading her initial responses, ye gads, it was scary - I was listening to myself.

But the thing that I really want to quote her on here on my blog. The question was pretty damned inane - it boiled down to the usual "What advice would you give to aspiring writers?"

Her answer:

The work is in the work itself. If [your daughter] writes a lot, that's good. If she revises a lot, that's even better. She should not only write about what she knows but about what she doesn't know. It extends the imagination.

It's like I've always said - fantasy isn't a sub-section of "literature" - the converse is true, ALL fiction is fantasy of one sort of another byt the simple virtue of not being true.

Huzzah for imagination. That's where fantasy lives.

Welcome to my world.
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