anghara (anghara) wrote,

Okay, it's all gone to mush... (and other stuff)

Yesterday I walked to the post office, because the roads were solid ice (for a couple of days the overnight temperatures were in the high 20's (that's about -6 or -7 Celsius) and days never rose above freezing) and I didn't feel like driving anywhere. There was no snow, but the frosts had been so magnificent that there were edifices of ice crystals everywhere, and the air was crisp and cold and the humidity was only 24% or something like that.

Today things have warmed up considerably, there's a low-hanging cloud outside, and it's raining - everything's sodden, what with the icemelt and the new water coming from the sky. Still cool, but WET cool. They tell me this will be Christmas, too. Sigh.

Oh well. At least I'll be able to get in the car and drive to the store again, after a few days. Like Mother Hubbard, I have a problem with the increasing bareness of my cupboards right now so it will be good to do a grocery run... before it all possibly turns around again, and *all that water outside* turns to ice. That will be pleasant...

In other news, as I said here before, I'm fixing my old laptop to give to the Parental Units for Christmas. I've set up a dial-up Internet account for them, and now what remains to be done is to transfer the remaining stuff that I want to keep and that I don't want THEM to keep off the machine into safer quarters, and then... write a detailed user manuel. You think I"m kidding. I'm not. This thing needs to start with "This is a button. You press it. The colputer blinks into life. You have to wait until the thing has run through its entire gamut of weird messages you don't understand (and don't need to) and splash screens untl the computer has [insert description of wallpaper picture] up and the icons on the desktop."

After that...

Oh dear lord. I can see myself being tech support forever more...

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