anghara (anghara) wrote,

"The physical act of writing"

Jeff VanderMeer declares war on Internet and other distractions while he concentrates on finishing the next novel. My personal favourite quote is this:

I [also] quite frankly just love the physical act of writing. Focusing all of my attention on one thing and getting lost in it, frustrated with it, elated with it, arguing with it, hating it, loving it, seeing the true shape of it – that’s bliss.


And I think I shall go and do likewise. I have Wiscon in just over three weeks, but then I have the summer which is relatively free of other commitments - and I would like to have this new novel at least first-draft-shaped by Fall.

Blogging shall be relatively light; I shall keep up with the standing other-blog commitments (SFNovelists on the 5th of every month and StorytellersUnplugged on the 30th of every month) so you can keep up with musings and thoughts and whatyoucallit on those sites - but I'll be on LJ kind of occasionally, just checking in every so often. It might be worth noting, just in passing, that I've just passed the third anniversary of this journal - that's a commitment all by itself, I won't be going AWAY, just... taking a little leave of absence, as it were.

Because I love the physical act of writing, too. And it's time to wrestle the current recalcitrant chapter into submission and get on with it.

See y'all later.
Tags: writing, writing life

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