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Cats, competitions, and other stuff

So, today was the Annual Vet Visit.

I must be getting better at this or my cats are kind of dozy - because I got them both into a small room together with a carrier, we had an incident of Cat A (the doofus) who jumped in quite willingly after a handful of treats escaping niftily just before I could corner Cat B - but Cat B is the craftier critter anyway and once SHE was in the bag, as it were, I could collar Cat A with more treats ("ooooooh! Treats!") and stuff him in upside down and get the zip closed. The whole thing took rather less than three minutes in total.

We got to the vet really early. Like, REALLY early. And those cats just sat there and made owl faces through the mesh of the carrier with those big green eyes - and once we transferred to an examination room showed little inclination to evacuate the carrier. My little boy in particular hates vets - he just... goes away. The body is there, the mind is elsewhere entirely, and you can pick him up and pose him and poke him and do whatever you want with him and he's just going to hang there like a boneless bag of fur. Honestly, he scares me sometimes. It's like he's already made a pact with the leaving of this life and is quite at peace with the idea.

Either way, they got their claws clipped, they got their shots, they got their teeth and ears and eyes and heartbeats examined, they got a clean bill of health, and we were outta there. We got home about ten minutes after they were supposed to have been in with the vet in the first place, so we came out ahead.

And as a retro-bribe I gave them a can of wet food which they polished off pretty smartly, and now they're sleeping off the experience in comfortable and familiar surroundings. And I don't have to think about this again until next April. God, what a month, Cats and taxes.

On to more interesting things.

Himself on the wall, the Bookgnome, has considered the candidates for his Worldname ("*WILBUR*?", he sniffed in disdain over one of them... sorry guinwhyte...) and he is currently down to dithering between three - Spine, St Burl, and Farnabal. I shall continue with the consultations and I will announce the winner by Friday. In the meantime, can the three gentle readers who suggested those names tell me if you've actually seen/picked up/read the first Worldweavers book? (Because you'd get much more out of "Spellspam" if you have...)

I shall be back with a decision shortly. Thank you everyone who contributed.

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