anghara (anghara) wrote,

Competition: Name The Bookgnome

On my recent trip to New England, the entity in the photograph made himself known to me and insisted I take him home to be my Bookgnome - I mean, this is a story teller, just look at that "I know something you don't!" face - and I was given little choice in the matter...

(Click on picture for a larger view)

(You may notice he is a little, um, spiky, and fragile with it, and I only had hand luggage which was already packed tight, and there was no room for him in any manner which would not presuppose major injury - so he made his way here c/o the USPS, in a cardboard box while swaddled in bubblewrap. He has finally got over the idignity of it all and deigned to communicate again...)

Here's the thing. He has, he informs me, a Secret Name That Must Not Be Spoken and which only he himself knows. He and I have agreed on a Name of Addressing By Means Of Which COmmunication Shall Be Established, just so that I don't have to call him "hey you" and heap further indignities upon his person - but this is the name that stays between him and me, and is a sort of password between us.

What he now needs is a Name By Which The Public At Large May Know Him By, and I am throwing that open for your consideration.

There's a prize. There's a copy of "Spellspam" in it for anyone who comes up with a name that His Nibs (no, that's not the secret-handshake name by which I know him, that's a placeholder for the name YOU guys pick for him) gives his final seal of approval to.

Have at it. Comments are now open. You've got a week to put in your two cents, as it were.
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