anghara (anghara) wrote,

My tiny Douglas squirrel thinks he is a beaver

Seriously. No April fools. I've just watched hm sneak up to one of the pillars that holds up my deck and start gnawing at the base of it for all he's worth.

Yes, we DID put food out. Yes, despite all evidence to the contrary, it IS spring, and there has to be other food starting to be available.

So what gives with nibbling treated wood, dummy?... (He's still there as I type this, glaring at me in an affronted manner for having interrupted his activities. Weird little animal.)

In other news, the copy edit is done, and will be on its way tomorrow. One more thing to cross of my list.

The hackery is still present but down to a mild roar. I am cautiously optimistic about the reading tomorrow in VIllage Books.
Tags: wildlife report, writing life

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