anghara (anghara) wrote,

A word on conventions...

... apt, considering the post-Norwescon timing and the advent of that pesky con crud that seems to have done the rounds of everyone else already - take a gander at David Coe's thoughts about why we do what we do, and what goes on at cons with pros. I really enjoy my cons but the days that I went to one purely for the enjoyment factor are long over. I go to them to work - I get on panels, I do the readings and the signings, all that. It's a good thing that I enjoy the work as well as the play.

I have, however, sat next to people like Lois Bujold at a group signing and it can be pretty difficult to be the undiscovered Jenny Newb sitting next to somebody whose line stretches across the room (and tangles with Ursula Le Guin's, who's sitting across the hall...)

At Norwescon I quipped to somebody, watching the lines for the GoH wind languidly across an entire ballroom-sized hallway, "I want HIS lines!" They responded, "You'd have to write his stories!" But no, I don't want to write anyone else's stories. I'd like his lines, but for my OWN tales...

Bleagh. Con Crud. Excuse me while I try to go and function normally with my sinuses stuffed with cotton wool...

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