anghara (anghara) wrote,

Home at last.

I was going to blog every day on the trip. Honest. But things just unravelled, too much to do, often very little time or opportunity at a computer at a convenient moment... ah, well.

Where were we again... oh yeah, Connecticut. I had a wonderful few days in New England, being shown local sights and introduced to local whimsy (I'll tell the story of the frog bridge after I upload my photos and I can haz evidence, so to speak). Then I got trotted off to UConn, presented to a class on publishing to whom I expounded on how the industry worked, presented to another class on alternate history where I expounded on how lightly we can slip between worlds, ran off straight after that to the UConn Coop bookstore where I had a reading, met up with matociquala for pizza, went back to the place I was staying and frantic messages from home asking if I was aware of how bad the weather was in Atlanta through which I was flying on my way home on the morrow (New England to Seattle via Atlanta. Just don't ask.), got to bed yet again at some ungodly hour chasing information from Delta about whether my flights were operational, got deposited at Hartforr Airport the next morning (they have free WiFi. Civilised folks.), caught my flight to Atlanta, everything looked good for an on-time departure until the people waiting patiently at the gate found out that the pilots of the flight WE were on hadn't landed at Atlanta yet from another flight that THEY were on and as we couldn't leave without a pilot we had to sit there twiddling our thumbs until they did so. Our flight was only an hour or so late, but that meant that rdeck, whom I was meeting at the Seattle airport, had rather a long time to cool his heels there - but even this was overcome in the end, and we got to the Norwescon hotel and I keeled over.

Keeling over was the order of the day - I managed to survive on con energy and adrenaline for the next three days or so, spending time with friends or being on various panels, one of the latter being at 9PM on Saturday night by which stage I was completely on autopilot and I am told that people who didn't know me would have thought I was doing okay but those that did could see that I was not quite present and accounted for any more. I seem to recall that I opened my mouth and talked some, but I don't precisely recall just how on-topic my remarks were at the time. It seemed to go okay, anyway, but this was SO not a party con. I basically engaged overdrive, ran until the last obligation ran out, and then retired to the room and flaked. I simply couldn't seem to catch enough sleep.

My last event was a 1 PM reading slot - one PM on Sunday, when everyone is basically starting to trickle away - not exactly ideal - but a bunch of people turned up and it went okay and then I was done and we got a lift up from a kind friend and here I am, at home, and the cats are in a forgiving mood.

I haven't unpacked, and don't intend to do so tonight. Tomorrow I am taking off, so there, and I will simply try and relax and regroup. It's been a frantic two weeks, and I need to gather up my energies before another frantic week catches up with me in the first week of April (Check my website for details of appearances). And in the meantime... the copyedited MS for book 3 of Worldweavers is sitting on my desk. That's this week's job. I promised I would try and get that done by the end of the month.


Happy to be home.

Talk to you later.

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