anghara (anghara) wrote,

Oh, my. This is kind of... special.

There's a video up at YouTube. It's nothing special as and of itself, just a slide show of family images set to a nice Spanish piece of popular music - pictures of a life - something that a friend might share with a friend in this electronic age in lieu of a postcard or a letter.

But beside it is this comment:

Para mi queridisima Jin-Shei Ana María una amiga del alma que aunque
vive lejos,en Uruguay,la siento cada día más cerca.

I ran that through Babelfish, just to make sure I was getting the sense of it - the translator mangled it in predictable ways, but the gist of it translates as

For my queridisima Jin-Shei Ana Maria a friend of the soul that
although lives far, in Uruguay, I feel every day close more.

There's a real pair of Jin Shei sisters in this world.

One of them lives in Uruguay, for heaven's sakes.

I think I may cry.

(Oh, the video is here, if you really want to go look)
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