anghara (anghara) wrote,

The game goes on

Even as Worldweavers #1 is about to hit the bookstores in paperback...

Even as Worldweavers #2 is about to hit those same bookshelves in its maiden hardcover edition, and the reviews begin to come in...

Even as Worldweavers #3 sits on the editor's desk in New York, hopefully en route to the copyediting process soon...

...I have cleared the decks, finished my research reading, annotated my newest New Book Bible notebook where all my research notes are lovingly stored in tiny crabby handwriting determined to take up every ounce of available space on the page, and I am about to gird my loins and start a brand new project.

Current word count: zero. With luck that should change, fast.

Wish me luck.
Tags: writing, writing life, writing process

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