anghara (anghara) wrote,

Christmas presents suggestions - and they come highly recommended!


"And finally, I'm offering a great set of holiday gifts: copies of various Judith Tarr titles that have either gone out of print or are no longer easily available. Email with requests. All copies will be signed. If you want me to inscribe them to anyone in particular, specify in your email. Details, again, behind the cut. Special features: ALAMUT hardcover, $35 shipped (also available in trade paper and mass market for lower prices), DAGGER AND THE CROSS ditto. The second is the sequel to the first, and they're both prequels to "The Hound and the Falcon"--if you read and loved those, you have to have these. Sale price $60 for the set. They come with beautiful Tom Canty covers. Also featured: ARS MAGICA mass market, $15 shipped. And while I cannot guarantee it, I may be able to offer A WIND IN CAIRO mass market--though that is very, very, very rare and it's a case of make me an offer and I'll see if I can find you a copy. Additional titles also available ($35 hc, $25tp, $15 mm); quantities may be limited. If you have a request, let me know. If you haven't read anything by me before but would like to try, email with the sort of thing you or your gift-ee like and I'll choose one or two for you (two for $60hc, $40tp, $20mm--shipping included in all prices)."

ALL of these titles are wonderful, and I own 'em all, myself, so I know. If you have a reader on your Christmas list who is still hanging out for a book, these would be a great addition to any library.

This has been a Public Service announcement.

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