anghara (anghara) wrote,

So, that was Christmas...

We had family for lunch, and we had ham, and cranberries, and cabbage and potatoes, and apple sauce, and a nice German Riesling.

We had presents. I will not give you a list of the loot, but let us say that books were represented in significant proportions (what, you expected other from this household?) - and there was also a "hidden camera" which you're supposed to hang in a tree and it'll stealth-film the wildlife that comes tracking past - I still have to figure out how to attach said item to tree, but that's another day's work.

We had Christmas music. And the tree. And the cats, who parked under the newly liberated base of the tree as though to console us for the sudden absence of the wrapped packages that had been piled around it for the last couple of weeks since the tree's been up.

We had "The Grinch" on Christmas Eve, and we had "It's a Wonderful Life" on Christmas Day.

And on top of everything else, right while we were sitting there at table, it *snowed*.

I am content and replete and grateful for my charmed life.

Hope your Christmas was just as good.
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