anghara (anghara) wrote,

Announcing... "Las cenizas del cielo"

The Spanish edition of "Embers of Heaven" is born...

Meanwhile, back home in the good old USA (and in English), JUST in time for Christmas [grin] - if you know someone who would like to know what happened in the world of "Jin Shei" four centuries later, Amazon appears to have a couple of copies on hand (for now, at least), and I already mentioned in that earlier post that Powell's has a small pile of signed copies on hand now.

Remember, each book you buy gives twice - once the gift of story to a new reader, and once to the writer who created the story in the first place. We write them to be read. For more book gift ideas, I really do suggest keeping an eye on the S F Novelists page, especially that right-hand column with all the newest releases. All good reads.

Happy book days.

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