anghara (anghara) wrote,

I will write my love a letter...

Okay - I think I find this officially odd.

Letter writing has admittedly suffered something of a decline since the advent of email - and in the case of pure information transfer, I don't find that much of a mystery - the pure instantaneousness of it all counts for a lot, and when the idea is to convey actual information, fast, there's no contest. But "real" letters, now - the chatty friendly communications between friends - well, the physical letter is kind of part of the point. It's a question of physically handling a piece of paper, putting writing on it (well, printing on it, in these new fangled days), folding it, tucking it into an envelope, taking the envelope to a post box, pushing it in through the flap while thinking of its destination. It's a *physical connection*, not just electrons. Not to mention that there would be stuff in such letters that is - or should be - secret whispers between friends or lovers, things never meant to be seen by more than two pairs of eyes. The idea of typing in a love letter, for instance, into this website and then having some officious secretary-type anonymous entity print it out and post it for you - it - just - defeats - the - whole - purpose - of - it. "Miss Jones, take a note - 'My Most Beloved, I looked outside at the dawn this morning, and thought of your rosy cheeks while you sleep..."

It's a very odd world we live in.

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