anghara (anghara) wrote,

Photos and all like that

I entered a slew of my Alaska pics in the World In Focus contest this yeat - and no, apparently I didn't win anything. However, I did get this from the organisers of the contest:

Thanks for entering the World in Focus contest. Your image, along with
every other image entered in this year's contest, is being printed and
exhibited at PDN PhotoPlus Expo in New York City, from October 18 to 20, at
the Jacob Javits Convention Center.Thanks to our sponsor, Epson, we're able
to print all 27,290 photos on one, massive strip measuring 154 feet long by
5 feet tall. Your image along with everyone else's image will be printed full frame or "no-cropping". However, to fit everyone's photos on this print we had to make each person's image about 2 inches on the long dimension.

If you can make it to New York for PDN PhotoPlus Expo or have friends who
are attending this event, any of your entered images can be found using the
co-ordinates below:

column# 30 and row#4 on panel# 1
column# 30 and row#3 on panel# 1
column# 30 and row#2 on panel# 1
column# 71 and row#4 on panel#10
column# 30 and row#1 on panel# 1
column# 30 and row#0 on panel# 1
column# 29 and row#31 on panel# 1
column# 29 and row#30 on panel# 1
column# 29 and row#29 on panel# 1
column# 29 and row#28 on panel# 1
column# 29 and row#27 on panel# 1

So, if anyone's in the vicinity and wants to check out my pictures, you can pop in and see...

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