anghara (anghara) wrote,

Movierama, apparently

Today, went to see "Walk the LIne" (the Johnny Cash movie). Interesting, but Joaquin Phoenix, the actor playing Cash, did his own singing in the movie - which, don't get me wrong, was just fine... until the final credits when they played teh REAL Cash singing something, and oh, man, was it suddenly obvious that the rest was just a pale imitation. A part of me wishes they'd just gone ahead and dubbed the songs with Cash's originals. NOBODY else can sing "Walk the LIne" with the same kind of aplomb.

TOmorrow, "Narnia" with friends. Look forward to that, have heard some good things about it, and what's not to look forward to in meeting Aslan at last...?

Later next week, probably, there's a movie that Deck and I wanted to see which probably won't be around for too long, so there'll be that.

WHy is it that there isn't ANYTHING to see for six or seven months and then all the good stuff arrives simultaneously in a heap...?

And does anyone know they're making a lush movie adaptation of "Tristan and Isolde"? Saw the trailer today. That's one I"m definitely going to see. Nothing like a good tale of medieval sex, lies and, um, well, they didn't have videotape but they got along just fine with rumour and innuendo...

In other news, it's below freezing again so I"m off to switch on my heat-tape on the pipes (just in case).

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