anghara (anghara) wrote,

Sometimes your day can literally be made at the eleventh hour...

Just got a phone call from a friend of mine from Texas. She had popped into her local Barnes and Noble for some new reading matter, and wound up standing in a line behind three seventeen-year-old girls... each clutching a copy of "Jin Shei" and discoursing amongst themselves about how a friend of theirs had read the book and thought it was great and - well- here they all were, buying it.

One of them noticed my friend's expression and said, "Have you read it?"

"Yeah," she said. "A while ago. I know the lady who wrote it."

Much squealing apparently ensued. My friend pointed them to my website ("She has a *website*?" one of the teens said with delight) and, well, that WAS fun. She could have called me up on her cell and handed me over to the girls, I guess, just to prove her point, but just the idea of the odds of this happening... make me smile.

There you go. It doesn't take much. All you have to do to make my day is tell me that someone loves my children.

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