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"Gift of the Unmage", Worldweavers #1, has been critically very well received, with a starred review in the prestigious VOYA journal, no less. I've had mail from readers, too, both the younger kind and the adults, and I seem to have hit a couple of issues that people are responding to - one in particular being Thea's craving for parental approval and not getting it in the manner which she wants or for the proper reasons.

Thea grows and develops fast - her world is changing, and she is in no small way part of what is changing it. She has some difficult choices to make in Worldweavers #2, "Spellspam" - a reminder of the cover for the new book here
- I think it's fabulous. "Spellspam" is available for
pre-order at, right now - so if you have young 'uns (or older 'uns for that matter) for whom you are wanting presents, here's a deal for you - pre-order the book, leave me a note that you've done that and give me a snailmail address here in the comments (which I shall screen so that they remain private, between you and me), and I will send you a signed bookplate SPECIALLY made for the Worldweavers books which you can then put into people's stockings this Christmas and tell them that they will be able to stick the bookplate into the book in the Spring. The lines are, as they say, now open.

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