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Words! Words! Words!

Language is such a wonderful thing (particularly when the language is the infinitely malleable English. Here's a site that might amuse, entertain and educate those inclined to pay attention to the vagaries and idiosyncracies of the English tongue. I particularly like the "Sic!" section, which I presume is updated regularly with examples of unfortunate English "faux pas", so to speak, if you'll forgive my French, as it were. These are the current crop:

• “Found under my windscreen wiper”, wrote John Rooke, “was a flyer from a local (East London) watering hole that describes itself as a ‘GASTRO PUB W ORGANIC PRODUCTS’. It seems to have been printed from someone’s rough initial notes; featured alongside such attractions as ‘ORGANIC PIZZAS’ and ‘SUN BRUNCH W ROASTS & NEWSPAPERS’ are ‘BATTERED SOFAS’. A touch indigestible I’d say, though it is nice to be offered a sit-down meal.”

• In an article by Jennifer Ferguson about beers in the 6 September issue of Buzz Weekly, the student newspaper of the University of Illinois, appears this: “The ol’ factory system has a lot to do with taste.” Industrial-scale brewing, the curse of the zymurgy business. Thanks to Rick Larson for noting that.

• Donna M Farrell found a feature story in the Washington Post recently about the memorabilia of gay activist Frank Kameny going to the Smithsonian. It commented about his firing by the government in 1957: “He got busted in Lafayette Square across from the White House (a gay cruising ground).” “Who knew?” Ms Farrell marvelled. “And during the Eisenhower administration, no less!”

Missing or entirely superfluous punctuation! Dangling participles! Double meanings! Roll up, roll up, fun and games for all!
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