anghara (anghara) wrote,

Still on the rejection track -

- here's what Neil Gaiman has to say on the matter:

'It does help, to be a writer, to have the sort of crazed ego that doesn't
allow for failure. The best reaction to a rejection slip is a sort of
wild-eyed madness, an evil grin, and sitting yourself in front of the
keyboard muttering "Okay, you bastards. Try rejecting this!" and then
writing something so unbelievably brilliant that all other writers will
disembowel themselves with their pens upon reading it, because there's
nothing left to write. Because the rejection slips will arrive. And, if the
books are published, then you can pretty much guarantee that bad reviews
will be as well. And you'll need to learn how to shrug and keep going. Or
you stop, and get a real job.'

By the way, back home, updating from the REAL computer (which had lost connection to the printer and I had to work to restoring its tiny mind to remember that it actually HAD one. Growl.

Sorting out info and impressions. Gathering up receipts that my tax people are going to toss their cookies over because they're WHOLLY in Japanese as well as in yen. I haven't even thought about downloading pictures yet, why do you ask...?

More later, when I'm more compos mentis -

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