anghara (anghara) wrote,

Actually, LJLand, how about some input...?

One of my Worldcon panels is this:

Making Writing More Vivid and Memorable
Participants: Alma ALEXANDER, Jean LORRAH, Kirsten (KJ) BISHOP, Jay LAKE
How can a writer make their story particularly vivid or memorable? Show, don't tell? How else do writers bring their writing to life? Why do some passages stay with us after the book is done, but others are gone a month later. Panelists are welcome to bring their favorite passages.

So - open thread, if you'll have one - what makes YOU cry, scream, smile, laugh, get angry or feel awe (or anything else you care to mention) when you're reading a book? Pointers to favourite passages welcome, and I may even use a few on the panel to flesh out my own. Have at it - I look forward to seeing what moves you...

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